Vampire Dog, Shuck

It is possible that reports of vampiric dogs were originally based on sightings of rabid dogs or dogs afflicted with canine leishmania, but the lore of such creatures remains. Described as ferocious and overly aggressive, smelling of death, with glowing red or yellow eyes, vampiric canine REVENANTs such as the AUFHOCKER hunted both animals and humans alike, ripping out their throats and draining the bodies of their blood. The mythology of this creature says that a vampire dog will move into an area and begin killing smaller animals first, like rabbits and cats, before moving on to larger animals such as other dogs and sheep. To destroy this vampire, beheading, shooting, or stabbing will work.
Source: Barber, Dictionary of Fabulous Beasts, 134; Porter, Folklore of East Anglia, 89­91; Rose, Giants, Monsters, and Dragons, 419; Tongue, Forgotten Folk Tales, 70­72

Encyclopedia of vampire mythology . 2014.

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